1. “Sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

    Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development


    Our sustainable impact doesn’t stop at client work. We believe in leading by example, so we embed a deep commitment to social and environmental standards in everything we do.


    Sustainability isn’t something we just talk to others about. Stallion Holdings Ltd strives every day to reduce our environmental footprint, enhance employee well-being, practice the highest levels of ethics and procure supplies and services sustainably.


    Sustainability has become an imperative for us all. Environmental challenges are growing while timelines for addressing them are contracting. For that reason, we will continue to embed sustainability into our overall strategy, our client communications and our procurement practices. Environmental sustainability is an essential component of inclusive growth. As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we are systematically measuring the environmental impact of our own business operations.


    Ensure Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education and Promote Lifelong Learning Opportunities


    We understand the power of education to transform a business. We focus on career-connected learning, human capital, systems, early development, and education technology.


    Promote Sustainable Economic Growth


    We believe in economic growth that is inclusive and sustainable for all. More progress is needed to support entrepreneurs particularly those who can create jobs and uplift communities and to up-skill members of vulnerable communities so they don’t get left behind. This work has only increased in urgency and importance as economies and communities around the world face unprecedented challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.


    Ensure Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns


    We believe in honouring our planet by helping our clients accelerate sustainable consumption and production strategies. Our Sustainability & Responsibility practice integrates sustainability goals and approaches into the core of companies’ strategies, and designs environmentally and socially sustainable supply chains.


    Take Action to Combat Climate Change and Its Impacts


    We see climate change as an urgent priority. The climate crisis is growing while the timeline to address it is shrinking. We are committed to helping our clients take climate action while also reducing our own operational footprint.


    We partner with companies to stretch their emissions reduction goals and put in place programs to reduce their carbon emissions. Specifically, we have helped several companies set net-zero emissions targets.


    Conserve and Sustainably Use Natural Resources for Sustainable Development


    We are committed to the sustainable management and protection of natural environments, in recognition of the vital role that nature plays in livelihoods, global supply chains, and ecosystems.


    Protect, Rest and Promote Sustainable Use of Ecosystems


    We are dedicated to promoting the sustainable management, restoration and use of our planet’s forests and other terrestrial resources.



    Sustainable Procedures


    Environmental and Sustainability Management:


    • Develop and review sustainability targets against appropriate benchmarks.
    • Monitor energy consumption against past performance.
    • Communicate and promote environmental and sustainability procedures, regulations

    and initiatives at staff inductions and training sessions.

    • Encourage and facilitate feedback and suggestions from stakeholders to improve

    good practice and communicate via operational groups and team meetings across

    the organisation.

    • Exchange best practice with industry experts, local authorities, higher education

    institutions, partners and other organisations.

    • Integrate environmental and sustainability principles into the Stallion Holdings Group operational

    procedures and decision making process.


    Carbon Management:

    • Carbon Management Plan setting clear targets for carbon reduction, identify initiatives to achieve the target and key stakeholders responsible for delivery.
    • Implement working practices to ensure the efficient use of energy.
    • Incorporate low carbon technology and renewable energy systems in building projects and equipment procurement.
    • Improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings.


    Estates and Facilities

    • Where resources allow, achieve the relevant BREEAM Standard, to meet the requirements of Capital Funding Bodies.
    • Enhance biodiversity within the organisation.
    • Manage noise pollution to ensure minimal impact on neighbours and the natural



    Waste Management:

    • Minimise waste and reduce consumption through efficient operational use of assets.
    • Minimise the environmental impact of waste through appropriate re-use and


    • Measure and monitor waste.
    • Develop working practices to reduce waste and prevent pollution.