We focus on understanding business goals as well as  he varied transactional, business and market risks unique to a client’s situation. This approach drives us to facilitate the completion of the transaction expeditiously and creatively, while striving to protect the deal value expected by the client.

We work closely with clients’ internal teams, financial advisers and other professionals, and provide critical leadership and support for complex transactions. Various factors can impact M and A deals, including in the areas of finance, securities, tax, antitrust, real estate, employee benefits, technology, intellectual property, governmental compliance and environmental law. Clients benefit greatly from our ability to work as a team and access the experience in the firm’s other practice areas.


Unlocking Synergies

The common rationale for mergers and acquisitions (M and A) is to create synergies in which the combined company is worth more than the companies individually. Synergies can be due to expert advice into cost reduction and higher revenues.

Higher Growth

We can help your company grow by acquiring or merging with a company with growing capabilities without having to take the risk of diving into an area without experience. Our team of experts are at hand to provide continuous support.

Stronger Market Power

We can help attain a higher market share and gain the power to influence prices. Vertical mergers also lead to higher market power, as the company will be more in control of its supply chain, thus avoiding external shocks in supply.