There are many challenges to overcome as businesses attempt to trade with greater agility and flexibility. Making the shift from manual, paper-based processes and fragmented banking products can be difficult, particularly for those organisations trading across international borders.

At Stallion Holdings Ltd our corporate payment solutions are created to help organisations achieve greater control and transparency over their payment processes. In addition to the financial risk, payment management is still carried out manually and is time-consuming: with tallying, bank reconciliation and client follow-up requirements, companies can lose business manually entering invoices. We can support corporates in several ways, including:

  • Virtual account solutions
  • Automated collections and reconciliation by providing accurate identification of the payer and invoicing details
  • Real-time reporting
  • Standardised connectivity between corporate customers and their payment services
  • Availability of banking information through APIs and online portals


World class Corporate Payment solutions

We have unrivaled expertise, leveraging 20 years of experience in finance and corporate servicing the world’s top global banks.

Future proofing your Corporate Payments

We are professionals in the finance industry and can ensure compliance with future regulatory and scheme changes with our evergreen solutions.

API and ecosystem enabled

We help you ride the next wave of payments innovation through our modern API-enabled architecture.