Our financial services industry specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to the banking and capital markets, and investment management sectors. Stallion Holding’s services and industry knowledge allows us to understand each client’s unique business needs.

As the pace of change accelerates, financial service organisations need to respond quickly to determine their role in the industry’s evolving ecosystem. Existing disruption from shifting customer behaviours, technology and regulations has been given greater urgency by COVID-19, exposing the need for improved resilience and agility. To stay relevant, organisations need a renewed focus on attracting diverse talent to help embrace technology and create sustainable business models.


Banking & Capital Markets

Stallion Holdings brings together professionals with diverse experience to provide customised solutions for clients across all segments of the banking and capital markets industries. We serve our clients, while drawing upon the firm’s considerable global resources and industry expertise.

Investment Management

As global leaders in providing services to the investment management industry, our investment management practice provides global resources and capabilities with a local presence, resulting in a clear understanding of each client’s specific market and way of doing business.

Real Estate Advisory

Real estate is not the place for off-the-shelf solutions. At Stallion Holdings we recognise this, and our approach is to understand the requirements of your business and to develop solutions that address these directly and practically.


Financial services sector is going through an unprecedented change as a result of the rise of FinTech. Our FinTech expertise brings together insights and solutions for both financial services institutions and the start-ups bringing new technology into the industry.