Every business must deal with corporate law. We provide our clients with strategic legal advice for the establishment and customizing, as well as the maintaining, of their business structure.

It is our goal to assist our clients in establishing their operations by advising directors and board members/executives with respect to many complex issues such as conflicts with shareholders or in the preparation of specific transactions. We often act as a sounding board for strategic decisions, advising about decision making or business strategy and its implementation. We also act as an advisor regarding any impending conflicts and look to find workable, strategic solutions.

Our team works closely with clients over an extended period either in the formal position as a non-executive director or, informally, as a retained corporate finance adviser. Such a relationship allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business and the management and shareholder’s existing objectives and developing new objectives and growth plans.


Strategic Review; Market Positioning and Alternatives Analysis

We tailor our approach for each client and can utilise our financial expertise to assist clients in successfully implementing their corporate strategies.

Bid Advisory and Support for Tenderers

Implementing a robust bidding process and engaging at the right level is vital for winning new business. Our services are especially useful for companies that do not have the in-house specialist skills.

Off-Take Marketing Assistance

We can help formalizee the buyer’s intention to purchase a future output. Our professionals have extensive experience with offtake assistance.